Fajar Siddiq

👨🏻‍💻 Owner & Founder at @euphoryadesign + @dementclothing + @ilmproductionsg + Professional Yo-Yo Player + Digital Nomad + Designer & Developer ⚡🚀🛠️

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Fajar Siddiq 👋

Hi! My full name is Muhammad Fajar Siddiq Bin Zainal Abidin, I was born on 14th March 1986, raised & based in Yishun Street 22, Singapore. My ethnic is Malay, I speak Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, English & Basic Arabic Language. I'm currently single, 33 years old, Self-Taught designer since 2005 and developer since 2011, & I have always believe in 'Do-It-Yourself' Culture. Till then i bootstrapped 3 startups with no funding, full time self-employed. I don't believe in Unicorn. I believe in Zebra. More ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing startups and venture capital culture.

I am a professional yo-yo player, judge and performer & mentor. I have been doing it for 20 years in the skills toys industry. I'm an ex duncan crew worldwide sponsored member from 2002-2014 by Duncan Toys, USA. My other hobbies & digital skills include video-editing, recording, social media, photography and astrography. On my free time, i memorize & recite Holy Book of Quran, Reading Islamic Books, Volunteer Community Projects & hang out with my close friends, love ones & neighbours. Currently i'm making some side projects: Maker's Marketplace, Maker's Merch & Open Startup. I'm using Macbook Pro 15" 2018 to do my work digitally everywhere. Currently i've travelled 9 countries to explore the world of adventures as Digital Nomad. I've travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan & Saudi Arabia. My dream is to go USA & Europe countries to explore.

Shitty Designer, Unprofessional, Exhausted & Pissed Off 💩😒😫👎

Sometimes i feel this way, don't let me be one.

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My Digital Nomad Story 🚀👨🏻‍💻💡

Fajar Siddiq is the co-founder of Euphorya™ a Yishun, Singapore based Creative Design Agency which he started in his room in 2005. In 2011 he registered the business in Yishun, Singapore with his friends building creative design agency offering graphic designs & web-design products to startups, communities & companies. Fajar is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the business. He leads as graphic designer and web-developer of Euphorya’s branding & marketing services and development of the web-design services. Fajar graduated from Architectural at Institue Of Technical Education, Balestier Campus in 2003.

Fajar attended Institue Of Technical Education, Balestier and studied Architectural before founding Euphorya. It started as a freelancer running a side project designing tshirts, drawing vector illustrations faces of people on photoshop and doing silk-screen printing t-shirts selling it online in locally and worldwide. Early life, He also pick-up yoyoing as a hobby since he was 12 years old and Fajar also represent the pinnacle of yo-yo skill across the globe as professional yo-yo player, contest yo-yo judge and also as a yo-yo instructor.

In 2011, Fajar co-founded Dement Clothing™ a Yishun, Singapore based clothing brand. The designer clothes made for street & lifestyle culture products from printed graphic designs on t-shirt, polo-t, hoodie long sleeve.

In 2014, Fajar co-founded Ilm Productions™ after coming back from holy city of Islam in Makkah Al-Mukarramah & Al-Madīnah Al-Munawwarah for Pilgrimage, Umrah in Saudi Arabia, he founded a start-up team up with the dakwaah community to do creative and media work like designing, video-recording/editing and live-streaming.

Macbook Pro 15inch

My Livestream TV 🔴

Fajar Siddiq openly shares livestream tv from his twitch and periscope account. When he is live, it means he is on the laptop, wired in. He livestreams everywhere that have strong wifi network. You can subscribed him on the livestream channel. He also live log from makerlog.com & ship his stuffs on shipstreams.com in the community.

getmakerlog & shipstreams getmakerlog & shipstreams

My Maker Log ✅

Fajar Siddiq often uses Maker Log as a logging task on a day to day basis with what he have done everyday for his startups, side-projects, volunteering, collaboration work & daily task. Using this let him improve mental-health, work & life balance. Here you below you can see the task he have logged.

My Bootstrap Startups 💼

The Startup companies i owned & founded through the years as a creative entrepreneur, self-taught designer & self-taught developer. Currently this companies are registered & based in Singapore. I'm self-employed, i pay my own CPF contributions & also pay my own income tax at IRAS. My contribution goals is hoping to build the economy for Singapore, to provide remote jobs & to share my knowledge & startup experiences in digital skills to the Malay & Muslims Community, Youth & Creative Community, Digital Nomad's & Maker's Community Worldwide.

💻 Euphorya

Euphorya™, Social By Design. We are Creative Design Agency based in Yishun, Singapore. We work with handful of designers & developers through digital design & engineering work since 2005. Our Services: UI/UX Design, Logo & Branding, Design Systems, Startup Websites, Web-Applications, Data-Driven Storytelling, Photography & Videography, Open Source Software.

🌐 For more visit: www.euphoryadesign.com

👕 Dement Clothing

Dement Clothing™ is a Yishun, Singapore based clothing brand. The brand quoted Fight for Passion™ The designer clothes made for the club, streetwear & lifestyle products from printed graphic designs on t-shirt, polo-t, hoodie long sleeve.

🌐 For more visit: www.dementclothing.com

🎥 Ilm Productions

‘Ilm Productions™ is an Islamic Creative Production Company based in Singapore, founded in the year 2014. We are here to focus and spread the Deen to Muslims and Non-Muslims locally and abroad. It comprises a collection of young Muslims passionate about Islam and da’wah through the number one communication tool of the digital age: the internet, social media.

🌐 For more visit: www.ilmproduction.com

My Side Projects .XYZ 🏝️

Fajar Siddiq's free time is to make & build some digital products. The reason why he started his startups is because of side projects. From being a freelancer to startup. Side projects is always fun and improved his mental health and learning skills. He also connect communities across the social media from instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, telegram, discord, slack to learn & collaborate. Currently he plans to make a total 23 side projects ideas. Here below is the first few side-projects that have already started in the year 2019 officially.

🛠 Makers Marketplace

#1 Maker's Fun-Size .XYZ Side Projects Marketplace For Makers. Join the community, share & learn, buy/sell digital products & services.

🌐 Coming Soon: www.makersmarketplace.xyz

👕 Makers Merch

Swag for Indie Makers. From Apparels, Home Decors, Socks, Phone Cases, Accessories, Mugs. Let's Make Solo-Founders, Couple-Makers & Makers Team.

🌐 Coming Soon: www.makersmerch.xyz

🛰️ Open Startup

Opened is a personal site for makers with their own custom domain. For Startup business owners, developers & designers.

🌐 Coming Soon: www.openstartup.xyz

My Open Startup 📊 📈 📉

Fajar Siddiq openly shares statistics of his income reports on growth from his open startup & side projects. Inspired by The Open Startup trend transparency and openness movement.

My Medium Blog 📝

Fajar Siddiq often blogs about life, hobby, nomading, startup and entrepreneurship of his journey.


My Digital Busking 🤙

Here i share with you more of my interest about skill toys! One of my favorite skill toy is playing yo-yo professionally! I've been playing yo-yo for 20 years! Check out the tricks below i made. If you like what you are seeing, buy me a coffee!

Buy Me A Coffee ☕

My Location 📍

Hey i'm from the hometown of Yishun, Singapore! If you're in the neighbourhood, let's meet up and have some coffee! Contact me for any further questions, do make appointment with me for possible projects, funding support or business partnerships.

Buy Me A Coffee ☕

Buy Me A Coffee ☕
I will like to share with you my journey as Digital Nomad. If that sounds good to you, buy me a coffee to support my journey. My goals is also to pay bills when times are tough and feeling low. I can feel all motivated and positive, but the reality sucks sometimes. It also supports my mental health, i don't want to feel stress, worried or anxiety.

My Contact 🤳🏻

🏠 279 Yishun Street 22, Singapore (760279)
📱 +65 8143 2136 (Whatsapp)
📬 info@fajarsiddiq.com

My Social Network ⚡

This is Fajar Siddiq's Official Social Media Accounts on the Internet. You can definitely "Follow, Add, Tweet, Subscribe, Like, Comment, Support, View, Visit the things he is currently building, creating, making, developing, designing, inventing, streaming, posting & logging.